Photo by Diane Griffin

Please Help Saving Grace Save My Leg!

My name is Pollyanna and I am a very adorable German Shepherd puppy. They say I am just six months old. Something bad happened to one of my back feet. It got broken, I can’t really say how, and now it is mangled and sore. It is hard being a puppy with a bad foot. All I want to do is run and play!

I ended up in a shelter in California, but they couldn’t help me, so Saving Grace brought me to their shelter. Right away, their vet took a look at my bad foot and said there is a surgery that might save it! But it takes a special kind of doctor (Orthopedic) to do the surgery, and it is very expensive. So now, Saving Grace is trying to raise enough money to pay for it.  Without the surgery, they say they will have to amputate my foot. Please consider a contribution so I can have a chance at a full and active life on four legs!

Please share my story and help if you can.

Thank you!

Pollyanna the German Shepherd Pup

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