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Kitten Shower Wish List

Kitten Milk Replacer, available at pet stores, farm supply stores and on Amazon

Meat baby foods (no onions!)

Canned cat food (pate, non-fish flavors are preferred for kittens)

Kitten Nursing Bottles & Nipples

Wood Pellets (used for kitty litter)   

Canned pumpkin


Paper food trays for wet cat food (this saves hours of staff time!)

Cat toys

Rapid Read Thermometers

Long-handles paintbrushes (for initial touch of feral kittens)

Snugglesafe Heat Discs

Or see our Amazon Kitten Shower Registry.



Don't forget contributions are needed to pay for vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries and daily care.

Can you help? Your gift can be specifically designated toward helping kittens.


And, of course, we always need foster families! From a few days to a few weeks, can you open your heart and your home to these vulnerable little ones? 

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