Found a Pet? What to do

If you have found a pet, please notify us immediately! Call us at 541-672-3907, option 3. We reunite many pets with their very worried owners simply through matching lost and found reports over the phone. 

You may bring the pet to us Tuesday - Saturday, from 10am to 4pm (except major holidays).

If you are interested in keeping the pet in your home, you may do so at your own risk, but you must complete these requirements before the pet can be considered “legally yours”.

1. IMMEDIATELY  VISIT or CALL your local Animal Control Department and animal shelter, including the ones in surrounding areas.

2. Call local veterinary offices during the day. After 5 PM, call emergency veterinary clinics in the area.

3. AS SOON AS THE SHELTER (or veterinary office) IS OPEN, take the pet in to be scanned for a microchip. Our shelter has scanners that read all types of microchips, many veterinary office do not.

4. It is extremely important to post MANY flyers stating that you found the pet within a 1-mile radius of where it was found.

5. Be sure to keep an eye out for matching lost pet flyers.

6. Place an ad in the local newspaper(s). These are often free! Check for lost ads!

7. Consider placing an ad online.





After 30 days, if no one has claimed the pet then you need to:

1.    Have the pet spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

2.    If it is a dog, you need to have it licensed in you name as soon as the rabies vaccine is given.

Doing all of the steps listed above shows that you made a thorough effort to locate the owner and can help insure that the pet is legally yours and no longer someone else’s property.

If you do not wish to complete the steps listed above, please bring the pet to Saving Grace for placement.

Due to budget cuts in our contract with Douglas County, Saving Grace will begin charging an intake fee on all owner surrendered animals and on stray cats effective July 1, 2015.

Stray Cats $10

Kittens (under 4 months) $10 Litter of 1-3 / $15 Litter of 4 & up

Stray Rabbit $10

There is no fee to surrender a stray dog.

Stray Surrender Form

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